Solve your queries with these frequently asked questions.

What is a ReVanced Manager?

ReVanced Manager is an application that uses ReVanced Patcher to patch Android apps.

What is the minimum Android version for ReVanced Manager to work?

ReVanced Manager will work on Android 8.0 or above devices.

Is it safe to use ReVanced Manager?

Yes, It is safe. Check the source code from GitHub.

Who is the developer of ReVanced Manager?

The leading developer is oSumAtrIX. However, there are many team members who are contributing to this project.

How to update ReVanced Manager?

On the manager dashboard, you will see the update option. Just click on it or download it from this official page.

What is ReVanced GMSCore?

GMSCore is used to sign in with your Google Credentials on ReVanced Apps.

How to Export/Import Patch Selection?

Go to Settings >> Under Import & Export >> You can do these things.

How to Export/Import Keystore?

Go to Settings >> Under Import & Export >> Tap on Import/Export Keystore.

How to change patch selection?

Go to Settings >> Enable “Allow changing patch selection”.

What is the official Source?

You can find the official source on GitHub or revanced.app

How do I donate to the Team?

Just check our Donate page to support the development.